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La Galerie Bourbon

79 bis Av. Marceau

75116 Paris

The venue

Parisian residence of the Spanish royal family in a past life, La Galerie Bourbon is a well-kept secret just a stone’s throw from Place de l’Etoile (also known as home of the Arc de Triomph). Thanks to a meticulous restoration by the Moma Group, this elegant and historic site has been reunited with its former grandeur; stained glass windows, intricate moldings and gold-leaf adorned ceilings affirm this property’s splendor. Details throughout the galleries and salons evoke the House of Bourbon’s coat of arms, recalling the glory days of this exceptional Parisian private mansion whose list of distinguished guests includes Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who is said to have drawn inspiration from the property for his timeless bestseller, The Little Prince. If these walls had ears…! 

The decor 

 La Galerie Bourbon is composed of a beautiful entrance hall filled with art books and natural light, a central gallery with the style and allure of a Parisian Couture House, and two vast drawing rooms. These salons – the venue’s true masterpieces – transform into the perfect setting for a great feast by virtue of the mirrored tables reflecting the zenithal frescos and gilded moldings.

Our offers



400 person capacity

Cocktail party offer from €117 (pre-tax) per person

(minimum 150 guests) 

  • Privatization of the entire venue from 7pm to midnight,
  • A fully tech-equipped venue: sound system, HF microphone, lightning, video projector screen,
  • A 20-pieces cocktail by Kaspia + soft drinks and wine,
  • A welcome glass of champagne,
  • & Reception, security, and service personnel (including necessary supplies for the smooth running of your event).


120 person capacity

Conference / offsite offer from €120 (pre-tax) per person

(minimum 80 guests)

  • Privatization of the entire venue from 8am to 5pm,
  • A fully tech-equipped venue: sound system, HF microphone, lightning, video projector screen,
  • Catering by Kaspia Receptions (coffee reception, two ‘drink breaks’, and a 20-piece cocktail + soft drinks),
  • Reception, security, and service personnel (including necessary supplies for the smooth running of your event).

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La Galerie Bourbon

Découvrez la Galerie Bourbon

Art de Vivre

Art de Vivre

This exceptional venue juxtaposes a classic identity with a boldness in its choice of more contemporary decor, perfectly executed under the watchful eye of interior designer Axel Huynh. Adjoining the Main Salon is a ‘Gentlemans’s Club’-inspired smoking room, draped in a hushed atmosphere thanks to the combined effect of upholstered sofas, vintage trunks, and tobacco woodwork.

Custom pieces designed exclusively for the property, tableware created by our designer-decorator, an olfactory signature: La Galerie Bourbon is more than simply a place, it is the true, timelessly chic Parisian experience.

With an endless aim to respect the heritage and harmony that weaves through every inch of this special space, La Galerie Bourbon invites you to create your own unique and timeless moments in the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle. Welcome to a place where anything is possible, where the sky is truly the limit (thanks to a full-service, dedicated team fully at your disposal and ready to help make your event dreams a Galerie Bourbon reality).

Our Caterers

Kaspia Receptions

Kaspia Réceptions

Kaspia Receptions is inspired by delicatessen culture and its deep respect for the identity and individuality of each product; at each event, Kaspia sprinkles in the ‘Best of the Sea’, featuring elegant dishes like Tarama with sea urchin coral, Danish smoked eel, and Baltic Sea smoked salmon, with the ‘Best of the Earth’, featuring fresh truffles (no matter the season !) in flagship specialties like Brie with Black Truffle or Risotto with Alban White Truffles.

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Entirely flexible and fully privatizable, our venues provide unique locations for receptions of all sizes, from 12 to 3500 people.

Our platform coordinates all privatization requests for private and corporate events while offering a complete range of integrated services: from catering, tech, reception, entertainment & consulting… to restaurants, cabarets, concert halls, cinemas & Haussmannian lounges.

With our full range of settings and concepts (all right in the heart of Paris), you can entrust the organization, management and execution of all your customized events, no matter the sort (product launches, conferences, cocktail parties, gala dinners, private concerts, screenings, and more) to the Moma Selection team.